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Key stakeholders in the greater Hartford region are working to create a well-recognized and differentiated ecosystem that supports emerging innovative technologies that create transformative patient experiences, improve outcomes, and deliver care more efficiently and cost effectively.

Together, members of Hartford’s emerging MedTech Innovation District initiative are committed to accelerating innovation and supporting economic development in the greater Hartford community through a MedTech Accelerator focused on Digital Health.

Digital Health CT is an accelerator that leans on the expertise and leadership of Startupbootcamp and their network, to provide entrepreneurs and startups with a place to experiment and test their technology in a real-world integrated delivery care setting. We are linking entrepreneurs with the Hartford’s robust ecosystem of clinical providers, payers, and academic and research institutions, including our program partners:

If you are interested in joining Digital Health CT as a program partner, please contact us at


Our Scouting & Selection Process Explained

We travel to the top startup & healthcare ecosystems around the world, supported by industry experts and partners in each city.

After a meticulous selection and interview process, we  narrow the hundreds of applications to just 20 startups, and will invite them to attend our Selection Days in Hartford, Connecticut.


Aiva: Uses voice assistance to increase efficiencies and improve satisfaction for patients and caregivers alike.


BrainCheck: Provides clinicians with the ability to quickly, easily and comprehensively assess patients’ brain function and behavioral health comorbidities and with clinical decision support.


Clearstep: Matches symptom descriptions to the right points of care using the most accurate content available, provides recommendations that encompass price, network status, outcome ratings and wait times, and makes it easy for patients to choose and schedule needed care.


CompanionMx: Uses AI algorithms to quantify clinically validated mental health symptoms.


DeepScribe: Uses AI and natural language processing to listen to physicians’ conversations with patients and complete documentation.

Ellipsis Health

Ellipsis Health: Uses AI to improve behavioral health through the analysis of natural conversation.


Encapsulate: Provides automated microfluidic systems for determining the most effective anticancer treatments based on a patient’s specific genome and type of cancer.

Lineus Medical

Lineus Medical: Produces medical devices designed to eliminate harm associated with IV lines.

MDI Health

MDI Health: Provides quick and intuitive access to up-to-date information regarding each patient and suggests a personalized medication treatment, while taking into consideration how a medication cocktail is going to affect a specific patient.


QRfertile: Offers a mobile-enabled, at-home diagnostic platform as a reproductive health and wellness solution for high-risk and subfertile men in their reproductive age.

The Accelerator will:

  • Nurture entrepreneurs: Identify, attract, nurture and retain entrepreneurs in the Digital Health arena relevant to the partners’ core business and innovation goals.
  • Catalyze innovation in healthcare: Provide partner firms with the opportunity to experiment with new technologies to increase efficiency and efficacy of service and care.
  • Connect new talent to growing firms: Build networks of students and faculty from the University of Connecticut and Trinity College that are interested in learning about digital health technologies, and provide opportunities for them to help shape and contribute to company growth.
  • Digital Health CT offers myriad of growth and learning opportunities for health care providers, health insurers, and other corporate entities with an interest in digital health, who want to support a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the City of Hartford and on the East Coast.
  • As a sponsor, you will be able to explore promising opportunities by gaining access to a global pool of early and late stage digital health startups.
  • You will benefit directly from our innovation initiatives, aimed at assisting you with your particular pain points.
  • Be part of this exciting initiative by contacting us today!
  • 1 accelerator per year, with 10 startups in each cycle
  • Startups with a working prototype, initial customer validation, and a compelling digital health use case are invited to apply
  • Startups will receive 3 months of free office space
  • 3-month intensive program based in Hartford and an additional 2 months to work on projects with healthcare leaders
  • Access to the Startupbootcamp global mentors and investors network with deep field experience and expertise


Themes that we’re looking to explore in the program

1. Advanced Analytics

Applying machine learning and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytic frameworks to clinical and operational transformational opportunities

2. Virtual Care

Providing a consumer-centric experience to deliver care more conveniently and to distribute scarce resources more efficiently. These opportunities will be centered on the remote provision of healthcare using telehealth and supportive IoT technologies. This includes care at home, tele-intensive care unit, and “hub and spoke” connectivity.

3. Home-Based Care

Reengineering consumer-focused healthcare delivery by applying biometric device integration, wellness indicators and virtual health – integrated into HHC’s system-wide Epic EHR.

4. Simulation

Pressure-testing medical device MVPs through HHC’s CESI

5. Automation

Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other technology enablers to improve efficiency, productivity and throughput. Automation has strong potential to reduce waste and costs in a healthcare system.

6. Precision Medicine

Leveraging analytics and genomics in the development of personalized care pathways for patients. The initial driver of this work will be the HHC Cancer Institute, but other Institutes including Heart and Vascular and Neurosciences also require these developing capabilities.

Our Partners

It’s difficult to disrupt without knowing how healthcare systems operate and think. This is where deep industry knowledge is an instrumental link between healthcare incumbents and startups.

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