Bret Schipper MD, FACS

Chief of Surgical Oncology, Director of Oncologic Surgery at Hartford HealthCare

A practicing surgical oncologist with a strong track record of administrative and leadership success.  A strong passion and leadership involvement in program development.  Successfully developed high-quality multidisciplinary programs at multiple levels of the healthcare platform.  Demonstrated a commitment to excellence in clinical care as well as harboring a keen understanding of the importance of healthcare integration and health care delivery quality and process improvement.  Skills include strategic development, problem-solving, interpersonal communications and coaching, leadership, and relationship building. Spent two years researching adipose-derived stem cells and their potential for tissue engineering applications, as well as work on composite tissue allograft transplantation for hand and face transplants.  My clinical practice has two main focuses of interest.  One is the role of heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy and its role in the treatment of peritoneal disease.  The other is developing a robust multidisciplinary center of excellence for hepatobiliary care.

Additional roles include:

  • Director of Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Program, Hartford HealthCare
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Connecticut
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, Quinnipiac University
Expertises: Oncology
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