Manu Suresh Sharma, MD

Staff Psychiatrist at William W Backus Hospital

I am a clinical psychiatrist by training with research experience in cognitive neuroscience. I have a special research interest in understanding the biological underpinnings of psychotic spectrum disorders and using this knowledge to improve treatment outcomes. In the past I have used various neuroimaging and neuro-stimulation (TMS and TDCS) methods to understand cortical functioning in patients with psychotic spectrum disorders.  I have a passion for transforming basic science discoveries into clinical interventions for improving diagnosis and management of psychiatric patients.  A more recent interest is trying to use language dysfunction as a biological marker for measuring and remotely monitoring the severity of symptoms in patients with psychotic spectrum disorder.  I have a strong foundation in clinical psychiatry along with a broad knowledge base in neuroscience and statistics including machine learning.

Additional positions include:

  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine Assistant
  • Professor of Psychiatry, Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine
Expertises: Provider
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