Steven Zweibel M.D.

Director, Electrophysiology at Hartford HealthCare Heart and Vascular Institute

Dr. Zweibel oversees the Hartford HealthCare Heart and Vascular Institute’s Electrophysiology program and treats patients with complex electrical heart disorders.  He is board certified in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology and Cardiovascular Disease.

His areas of interest include device lead extractions, implantation of cardiac devices, device algorithms to improve treatment for atrial arrhythmias and congestive heart failure, and telehealth applications to improve patient access to care and the patient experience.  Dr. Zweibel is involved in a novel telehealth program that allows patients to have their implanted cardiac devices and wounds checked via a virtual telehealth visit after device implantation and is presently developing telehealth solutions to provide electrophysiology expertise to patients throughout the region.

He oversees a team of seven cardiac electrophysiologists along with APRNs, nurses, technicians, and office assistants to provide world class treatment for our patients with heart rhythm disorders.

He has conducted extensive research on complex electrical heart disorders. Most recently, he has been involved in studies examining different methods of how cardiac defibrillators stop fatal heart rhythms, testing a novel pacing lead for patients with congestive heart failure, a study examining if external defibrillators are useful at stopping dangerous heart problems after a heart attack, and research merging a large clinical database with cardiac implantable device information on atrial arrhythmias to better help predict risk of stroke in these patients.

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